Q: What is 1cheapDUIschool?


A: 1cheapDUIschool is an online course for students who are required by a court to complete an 8-hour DUI course. It is licensed by the Nevada DMV and every court in the state. The course can be completed online, using only an internet connection—you do not need to download or install any kind of software. The course tracks your progress and you may log in or out, as much as you want, to complete it at your own pace.


Q: Which courts accept course credit from 1cheapDUIschool.com?


A: Currently, every court in Nevada accepts completion credit from 1cheapDUIschool. Courts in other states may accept course credit from 1cheapDUIschool, but you must check with them individually before signing up. Refunds will not be issued to students who take this course without making sure their state accepts completion credit.


Q: How much does 1cheapDUIschool cost?


A: The regular price is $129.99; however, promotions may be offered from time to time. Additionally, we offer a Lowest-Price Guarantee. If you find another online DUI course approved in your state, with a listed price cheaper than ours, we’ll beat it by 10%! The Lowest-Price Guarantee only applies if you haven’t paid for, or started, this course.


Q: What payment methods are available?


A: 1cheapDUIschool accepts payments online using debit or credit cards. Contact us for other payment options (checks, Money Order, PayPal, etc.) which may be approved on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Is 1cheapDUIschool mobile (tablets, smart phones) compatible?


A: Yes, the course works with most current smart phones and tablets. It was designed, however, for computers and devices with larger screens. Your experience may vary across devices.


Q: How do I get credit for the course?


A: You must complete all of the sections, in order, and pass each section’s quiz. Then, you must pass the final exam. You must spend a minimum of 8 hours (sections are timed) completing the entire course. You may take each quiz and the final exam as many times as needed to pass. Once you’ve passed the final exam and spent the minimum allotted time on the course, you will be eligible to receive your Certificate of Completion.


Q: How will I get my Certificate of Completion?


A: You will be able to print out your Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the course. You will also have access to it anytime by logging back in to your account. Please contact us for additional options (mail, email).